Crawford County Engineer

Mark E. Baker, P.E., P.S.

Crawford County Engineering Department ​


The Engineering Department is responsible for all projects relating to the improvement of County-maintained roadways, bridges, and drainage ditches.  Engineering consists of four personnel that tackle the planning, design, and financial aspects of our infrastructure improvements.
Specifically, the Engineering staff perform project planning tasks such as drafting of plans, traffic analysis, bridge inspection/load rating, culvert design, construction inspection and quality assurance, administrative functions, and more.


With over 230 miles of County roads and nearly 200 bridges, the 18 employees of the Highway Garage perform a wide range of activities to improve and maintain the county’s infrastructure.  This includes snow/ice removal, bridge/culvert replacements and repairs, road/berm maintenance,  grass/weed control of roadside ditches, drivepipe installations, and sign installation/maintenance.  Upon request and when resources are available, the Highway Garage will also assist townships with some of their projects. All of this work occurs within the right of way limits of the county/township roads.

Highway Garage personnel are also responsible for the maintenance of over 124 miles of County maintained drainage ditches and 5 miles of drainage tile.  These are drainage ditches that have been petitioned, as outlined in the Ohio Revised Code, and placed on the county maintenance program.  All costs associated with ditch maintenance is tracked and reported to the County Auditor’s Office.  Landowners within each ditch watershed are assessed annually for the work that was performed on their ditch.  Typical activities include mowing/spraying/dipping, bank stabilization, and maintenance of outlets into the ditches.


The Tax Map Department maintains a detailed map of over 33,000 separate real estate parcels in Crawford County.  This map is continually updated to reflect changes in property ownership.  The tax map is used by the County Auditor to assess property taxes and is the basis for the GIS Mapping System.
All surveys and legal descriptions for property transfers in Crawford County are reviewed by the Tax Map Department to ensure that they meet Crawford County Transfer and Conveyance Standards, Crawford County Subdivision Regulations, and State of Ohio Minimum Standards for Boundary Surveys.
The Tax Map Department also assists the public with locating property and verifying ownership, and assigns all new property addresses in unincorporated areas of Crawford County.

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